Good Data.
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Blimp is a leader in deep tech for data monitoring in urban environments.

With our technologies, we have brought digital metrics into the physical world.
With our data, customers have the tools to make more targeted and effective decisions.


Mobility Report

New report

April 2024

The latest issue of the mobility report on major Italian cities and urban environments is online.

Commercial areas
Smart city

The solution to collect timely data on pedestrian and vehicular flows.

Data plays a central role in a company’s strategic decisions, and that is why Blimp has worked on a solution that aggregates important and multiple data sources and turns them into value and concrete actions.
The mission is to support companies in optimizing user experience, anticipating future needs, and increasing conversion rates and loyalty.

For this, Blimp has developed a set of innovative solutions designed to measure a wide range of flows within various environmental contexts, while maintaining privacy as one of its main assets.

A team of excellence and university researchers specialized in reading, interpreting and distilling data to extract valuable information.

A group of artificial intelligence devotees ready to train systems for the new challenges of the future.

Thanks to a network of partners, we have specialized teams for installation and maintenance throughout the country and internationally.

We have an unbridled aptitude for problem solving. Customer satisfaction is our first goal.

We are able to tailor solutions to meet specific customer needs.
We are proactive in proposing evolutions of technological solutions.

Privacy Compliant

The data collection process

Head-counters capture images that are processed within the device itself to extract anonymous and aggregated data on pedestrian and vehicle flows. When the image processing is complete (which ranges from 100 to 500ms), it is immediately discarded.

Privacy by design

Blimp’s approach, with its emphasis on extracting and processing only anonymized and aggregated data, aligns with the principle of Privacy by Design, ensuring compliance with national and European privacy regulations and aiming to safeguard citizens’ personal data.


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Good Data.
Better Decisions.